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the flop-E-ness of my hat today is as follows...

Dennis's girlfriend
22 November
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so yes. i am meagan. also called svenja, zinzin, ostrich, buttface, mahgin, me-a-gan, meg-hen, jelly fish, lesbian therapist, that alto girl, "ze burly alto", prude extrodinare, smoker, meggy, jesus the monkey, nit (national intellegence test)and megs.

if there's one i missed, excuse my fault.

i don't like people but people tend to like me...hmmm. how this happened i don't know.

there are an exceptional few, however, that i feel are genuinely good people with good hearts and i choose to spend time with those people.

i try not to live by rules and i tend to get in trouble when i least want to. i don't think i can do anything about that.

I adopted a cute lil' clown fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

in honor of all you people i scared the poo out of at halloween last year...maybe i'll do it again...hee hee hee

I adopted a cute lil' baby jesus fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

in honor of the 10 years i spent going to a catholic school attempting to become a good christian...i don't think i t worked the way my parents had hoped...

my pet!